Why It’s Significant the Puerto Rican Day Parade Will Honor Oscar López Rivera

Full disclosure: I am an American living in Puerto Rico. I am not of Puerto Rican descent, which is why I feel my views on this topic are especially poignant. Depending on one's political leaning and their understanding of events—both historical and current—Oscar López Rivera is either a hero or a terrorist. Outside of Puerto Rico and...
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And the Darwin Award Goes to: Caitlyn Jenner

Neither profound nor eloquent, this is a stream of consciousness about Caitlyn Jenner and her misguided faith in Donald Trump and her insulting and flippant manner in which she expresses it. Donald Trump ran his campaign on hate ... and he won: not only the office of the president of the United States but also the...
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Genetic Testing for My Future Dogs and Fighting for ACA: The Dichotomy of Being American

The haves and have nots: to me, this epitomizes the dichotomy of being American. [caption id="attachment_1987" align="aligncenter" width="1254"] Not Sally but another German shepherd dog looking intimating.[/caption] I began liking dogs when I was really little. In particular I fell in love with German Shepherds. The man who owned the dry cleaners my...
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