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And the Darwin Award Goes to: Caitlyn Jenner

Neither profound nor eloquent, this is a stream of consciousness about Caitlyn Jenner and her misguided faith in Donald Trump and her insulting and flippant manner in which she expresses it. Donald Trump ran his campaign on hate ... and he won: not only the office of the president of the United States but also the...
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Calling All My White Allies

Back in the 1960s and 70s it seemed the United States was moving toward an age of enlightenment and although just barely out of reach, true integration among the races seemed achievable — if given more time. Leaving aside those who genuinely felt it was the U.S.’s place to interfere and stop the spread of communism (the...
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Like a Phoenix, Ken Walker and His Family Will Rise From the Ashes

For all its negatives (time suck, political arguments to name two), sometimes Facebook is powerful and it can allow someone sitting in a farmhouse in the interior of Puerto Rico to learn about a hate crime in Upstate New York that appears to have a happy ending—thanks to a kind-hearted coworker. Ken Walker is North Tonawanda's...
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