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Who Speaks for Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Amadou Diallo, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, etc. infinitum? Certainly NOT the Police

"He was no angel," declared the New York Times about Michael Brown, an unarmed African American 18 year old who was shot by the police. "Trayvon [was] suspended THREE times for 'drugs, truancy, graffiti and carrying burglary tool'" reports the Daily Mail about Trayvon Marting who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman and later acquitted. "In regards to...
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Ambushed on the Airwaves Part II: One Thing Leads to Another

Yesterday I posted a blog about the experience Shannon and I had being raked over the coals during a radio interview. Apart from being grilled by Black people about whether we're Black enough (by the way, this isn't new; not all brown-complected Black people do this, but it's not uncommon for some to demand to see...
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Ambushed on the Airwaves: When Black Nationalists Dictate Black Identity.

As all book authors do, my co-author, Bryony Sutherland, and I stop at nothing to promote our book. In addition to hitting social media heavily, we do interviews for radio and podcast. One possible interview caught our eye. A man was looking to interview subjects on the topic of race. “Hey, that’s us!” we both thought. We...
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