Monthly Archives: September 2018

10 Years in Puerto Rico

In November 2007, Paul and I made the decision to give up on corporate America, leave Southern California and buy a farm in Puerto Rico. I'll never forget the time and place we made the decision. (Although we're both from the East Coast—Paul is from Washington, D.C. and I was raised in New York City—we…
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Naomi Osaka is Both Haitian and Japanese

Ever since the three controversial calls in the U.S. Open by Carlos Ramos that cost Serene a Grand Slam, apart from whether the calls were justified (I do not believe they were justified) Naomi Osaka's racial and ethnic heritage have continually been called into question. Cosmopolitan ran an article by Jasmine Ting with the title…
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Nike is Having a Banner Week

I'm not brand loyal. Nike doesn't fit me well—especially their sneakers. I have Freddy Flintstone feet, so I wear Asics. However, this goes beyond whose apparel you and I like the best: Nike, Puma, Asics, Adidas, Levis, Teva, etc.  It's about speaking out and having a voice, and being supported by those who got your back…
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