Monthly Archives: January 2019

Journalistic Integrity

As writers and journalists, we have an obligation to tell the story: accurately, completely and truthfully. Good writers don't have to embellish to make a story gripping. By being truthful and accurate in our reporting, the words tell the story. To do otherwise means we're no better than Fox News and The National Enquirer. We…
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Building an Agency: Find Clients or Hire Freelancers First?

If you're seriously considering owning a content agency, one of the first things you have to address is a conundrum. Should you find clients or hire freelancers first? It's a real concern to ponder. It's a chicken or egg thing and how I did things is not necessarily the way to do it. Although things…
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So You Want to Be an Agency Owner

Something I'm frequently asked about is how to become an agency owner. It seems a natural progression to go from a freelance force of one to managing a team of freelancers, doesn't it? Well, actually no. They're extremely different and not every freelancer is built to be an agency owner—and vice versa. For some it…
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