I am a Corporate America escapee turned eco-organic farmer, writer, activist, serial entrepreneur and published book author. Much of my writing focuses on organic farming, racial equality, feminism and politics.

How I Started Writing

In 2008 my husband and I left our jobs in Corporate America and moved to Puerto Rico to buy an organic farm. Not long after we moved here, I started doing content writing and ghostwriting for clients. Both my parents were professional writers, and I figured the apple couldn't have fallen too far from the tree.

Initially I wrote about everything under the sun. Over the course of five years, I have ghostwritten hundreds of articles and 15 books. As I worked out that writing muscle, I discovered the subjects that made me happiest.

The topics / genres I love to write about the most:

  • Addiction (substance abuse, process addictions)
  • Health and medical
  • Race / Gender / LGBTQ advocacy
  • Being Biracial / multiracial
  • Eco-organic farming

Below are the various adventures / ventures that occupy my mind and heart.

Eco-organic Farming

About Sarah Ratliff
About to start our seventh year on our farm, which we call Mayani Farms,  we've learned a lot farming in the tropics. I recently started writing about our experiences for the iconic Mother Earth News.

Being Biracial: the Anthology and Beyond

I am Black and Japanese on my mother’s side and German, Dutch and Irish on my father’s. I vacillate between self-identifying as African American, Black Biracial and multiracial. It all depends on the situation, and because race is so fluid, I can weave in and out of the three fairly easily.

Self-identification is an important topic for me, so much so that along with 10-time published author, Bryony Sutherland, I co-authored the published book Being Biracial: Where Our Secret Worlds Collide.

The anthology is a collection of essays of 24 contributors from around the world (including Bryony’s and mine) who are Biracial / multiracial, the parent of mixed race children or both.

Coquí Press

After recognizing the myriad barriers to publishing books for marginalized people, I founded Coquí Press, a small press publisher. My mission is to disrupt established publishing culture by giving authors whose views run counter to the mainstream, or who themselves are marginalized because of race/ gender/sexual orientation, a safe place to publish their books.


To see some of my bylined writing, please visit my portfolio.