Ambushed on the Airwaves Part II: One Thing Leads to Another

Yesterday I posted a blog about the experience Shannon and I had being raked over the coals during a radio interview. Apart from being grilled by Black people about whether we're Black enough (by the way, this isn't new; not all brown-complected Black people do this, but it's not uncommon for some to demand to see ID before letting light-complected and Biracial people in), they threw some things at us that at the time seemed like nonsense.

As I closed the blog, I asked what these three things had in common:

  1. The one-drop rule being the so-called law of the country
  2. One’s race being determined not by upbringing and the race of both parents but only taking into account race passing from father to child
  3. Mitochondrial DNA

I did a little digging on the Internet to see what these three have in common and what I found made my hair stand on end. Before I share it, I should point out one serious flaw in their theory that race passes from father to child, which was the crux to their argument that Shannon "passed" for Black and I was way off the mark.

Have you ever looked at African Americans and noticed they're not nearly as dark as their cousins living on the continent of Africa? Let's leave those of us who are self-admittedly Biracial out of the picture for a moment. I am talking about those who self-identify as Black: both parents, both sets of grandparents are Black and as far back as birth records will allow them to research, there's Black on both sides. (For Black people in America birth, marriage and death records only go back so far.)

With all that Blackness, it's a wonder why brown-complected African Americans are still much lighter in complexion than their ancestors from West Africa, meaning those who were forced to come to The Americas to be slaves.

How is this possible? It's very simple. Slave owners routinely raped their slaves. This is a well documented fact. As an example, Sally Hemming had a "relationship" with her slave owner, Thomas Jefferson. I put relationship in quotes because it's very possible Jefferson was in love with Hemming, his wife's sister. It's also very possible Hemming was in love with Jefferson. However, if she had been a free person, would she have chosen Jefferson or was she coerced because he had power of her?

We'll never know.

The point being that if race passes from father to child, none of these people who accused Shannon and me of not being Black are in fact Black themselves. The likelihood that during the 245 years of slavery in the United States their ancestors who were slaves weren't raped by a slave owner is extremely remote. So the claims that their bloodlines are pure are hogwash.

So, using their own criteria, they are actually White. How ironic is that?

Okay, that's just me having fun!

Finding out what the one-drop rule, race passing from father to child and Mitochondrial DNA had in common led me to a very dark place in world history.

In April 1933, Nazi Germany introduced something called the Mischling Test. Mischling is German for half breed and it refers to the percentage of Jewish a person is. Under this law, unless Jews met certain criteria (having fought for Germany during WWI, been employed prior to WWI and others), they would lose their civil service jobs.

What defines Jewish in a Nazi's eyes? Well, this is very complicated, but leave it to Jewish-hating Nazis to figure this out to the finest minutia. I can't copy and paste the entire document. There are copyright laws against that, but if you have the curiosity to know how in-depth their weeding out went, go for it. I was sick after just two lines of reading.

Mischling Test to determine percentage of Jew in a person to exclude them from work. The Nazis would later use this to round up the Jews and send them to concentration camps and gas them.

Mischling Test to determine percentage a Jewish person is to exclude him or her from work. The Nazis would later use this to round up the Jews and send them to concentration camps and gas them.

What you are looking at is the process the Nazis, and of course Adolf Hitler, used to define Jewishness for the purposes of firing them from their jobs. I needn't tell you what this kind of thinking leads to. Including or excluding on the basis of part this, part that is a very slippery slope toward eugenics. The Nazis, of course, would know all about this. Estimates vary but new evidence now says they killed as many 20 million people during the Holocaust: Jews, Gypsies, Polish and gays.

Hitler and the Nazis are just one group in history who have embraced ethnic cleansing.

I have no words.