When Being Biracial and Light Complected Means not Being Black Enough

If you are a fan of the late R&B singer Aaliyah, you know that the Disney Channel’s Zendaya Coleman was recently cast to play Aaliyah in the Lifetime Biopic. You probably also know that Aaliyah’s family is not only not excited about the casting, but they didn’t back the made-for-TV movie to begin with. In…
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Héctor’s Gonna Do What Héctor’s Gonna Do!

Twice daily we go hiking. Although many might assume because we work for ourselves that we don’t keep to a schedule, we are actually ruled by routine. Our day always starts out the same. The three roosters remind us why we no longer need an alarm clock. The time varies but they generally start the…
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Thirty-six and a Half Years

Yesterday I got some news that gave me great pause. A friend of mine named Steph Bader, told me that this past week, after 36.5 years with her partner, she got married. My first thought was, "why'd you wait so long?" My second was, "after that many years, why now?" These are, of course, the…
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