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Racist Comments Don’t Have to Be Directed At Us to Have Impact

[caption id="attachment_1934" align="aligncenter" width="1254"] Photo credit: Photoimages[/caption] It may be hard for some to pick up the racist comments said during this discussion, hoping they won't be lost on all. A good friend of mine who's like a sister/cousin named Carolyn posed this question on her Facebook wall yesterday: "Lessons...
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The Omni, UFOs, Visitations, Aliens, Visitors from Another Planet, Unexplained phenomena, The X Files, La Chupacabra: Call it What You Like

Our town called Utuado is about half an hour south of Arecibo, home to the largest observatory in the world. I was told by a friend that many Puerto Ricans believe very strongly in intelligent existence outside our solar system; a belief that I understand is shared by many in Latin American cultures. Although I...
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