And the Darwin Award Goes to: Caitlyn Jenner

Neither profound nor eloquent, this is a stream of consciousness about Caitlyn Jenner and her misguided faith in Donald Trump and her insulting and flippant manner in which she expresses it.

Donald Trump ran his campaign on hate ... and he won: not only the office of the president of the United States but also the hearts of millions of people. including Caitlyn Jenner, who felt his slogan, "Make America Great Again" resonated with them.

We don't need to rehash how Donald Trump is hateful. He has made it abundantly clear he doesn't like:

  • Muslims
  • People of Color (PoC)
  • Women
  • The disabled
  • The LGBTQ
  • Mexicans
  • Pardon me if I missed a group he has insulted and degraded

His Agent Orange persona is in the news every day spouting some new message of hate. While it's not uncommon for people to sometimes not react until it directly affects them, when someone of Caitlyn Jenner's celebrity status does it, it makes her look downright dopey and at the same time, uncaring.

A republican, Caitlyn Jenner voted for Donald Trump. She's been very outspoken about her support of the man who promised to make America great again–no doubt by removing every Muslim, woman who thinks for herself and doesn't want her vagina controlled by his party, the disabled, the LGBTQ and Mexicans.

Is Caitlyn Jenner that clueless? Her misguided faith in someone whose entire presidency and campaign have been about hate ,and ultimately a move toward fascism, is both fascinating and hysterical, but not to mention dismaying.

I personally can't believe she supported him but it's clearly come back to bite her in the ass. Where was she when he was degrading PoC, women, Muslims, Mexicans and the disabled, and even the LGBTQ. 

But now she's questioning his unfulfilled campaign promises to the LGBTQ? I must say I can think of no member of the LGBTQ who supports Agent Orange.

The only reason I am calling Caitlyn Jenner out is because she has to be one of the most visible and privileged, if not the most visible and privileged transgendered people. And because of her celebrity and privilege, she should use it to actually advocate for the LGBTQ, not make a mockery of it, which is what she did when she told Agent Orange to call her because he didn't live up to his promise to the LGBTQ community.

Initially I applauded her for coming out and making the transition. Today? I think Caitlyn Jenner is an asshole. She could have used her celebrity to advocate for the trans community and the LGBTQ community-at-large but instead she sided with the very people who seek to marginalize, penalize, degrade and control all of those who aren't White, male, Christian and cisgender.

The struggle for anyone in the LGBTQ is real and she just blithely floats through life unaware of it. Even if she can disregard the struggles experienced by the other marginalized groups Agent Orange's proposed policies seek to further marginalize, I am not sure how can she can be so clueless about the struggles of her fellow LGBTQ.

In truth, I find it as insulting to the LGBTQ that Caitlyn Jenner considers herself a part of the community as I do Rachel Dolezal being Black and part of the Black community. Both had these opportunities to use their celebrity to advocate for the groups they seek to be a part of.

Instead, both have used their celebrity for self-egrandizing. Both can do more for the respective groups by actually advocating for them versus making a mockery of them. Caitlyn Jenner may very well be a transgender person but she's no more a member of the LGBTQ community than Rachel Dolezal is Black.

As to Caitlyn Jenner's sudden jolt of reality about Agent Orange, I leave you with a tweet that kind of sums it up.