Divided We Do The Man’s Job; United We Stand Proud and Tall

This morning, just a day after I wrote about the disparity for people of color in the arts, I read a blog that infuriated me. Entitled The Lightskinned Revolution is here, and it has been televised, its main purpose is to disparage the cast, and in particular Terrance Howard because of complexion.  Damon Young, whose views I generally agree with, was way off target, in my opinion, on this one. He made a big deal out of the fact that Terrance Howard, who plays the protagonist "Lucious Lyon" on TV's Empire, being light complected or as Young posits, "Terrence Howard does not belong here."

Come on, really?

Why? Merely because of his complexion? He's not dark enough to, what? Play a Black character on TV? Don't we go through this every time a light complected person is cast in a role meant for a BLACK person? Zendaya Coleman wasn't apparently Black enough to play the role of Aaliyah on TV because she is Biracial and not Black enough. When does this crap end?

I am going to make this short and sweet because really more needs to be said on the topic.

Rather than, once again, do The Man*'s job for him, let's celebrate that there are roles for people of color in a highly racially charged time in our history.

That Terrance Howard is light completed is irrelevant. That he is a person of color who is sought after on television and in movies is relevant.

Divided we do The Man's job, United we punch The Man in the face and keep on walking ... proudly standing tall.


*When I use the expression The Man, I am referring to the government or other authoritative agency that is in a position of power. It is generally referred to someone who makes a point of putting a specific demographic down.