Nike is Having a Banner Week

I'm not brand loyal. Nike doesn't fit me well—especially their sneakers. I have Freddy Flintstone feet, so I wear Asics. However, this goes beyond whose apparel you and I like the best: Nike, Puma, Asics, Adidas, Levis, Teva, etc. 

It's about speaking out and having a voice, and being supported by those who got your back when shit hits the fan. It's about responding when folks start losing they minds over taking a knee during the National Anthem to protest police brutality. It's about responding when someone who's just trying to earn her living is told not to wear something that addresses a health issue, and makes her feel like a Superhero while she's on the tennis court.

Just Keep Doing That Shit, Nike

At the end of the day, that's the important shit in life—not being a walking billboard of your favorite brand. Nike is having a banner week because for a moment they stepped out of the business of making apparel, which makes them a lot of money, to stand behind two people they've been outfitting and have believed in for years.

We can't ignore Nike is a big, multinational company with enlightened self-interest. They're in this game to win and we ain't talking about tennis or football. We're talking about money. However, they could just as easily have denounced Colin Kaepernick and Serena Williams, and they didn't. Nike could have ignored the blowback and hoped it would go away.

But they didn't.

Instead, they got in front of it.

They supported Serena Williams after the French Open banned her "catsuit."


Nike Responds to Fuckery. Photo credit: TaRessa Stovall

And just a week later they signed Colin Kaerpnick to a contract to be the face of Nike's 30th anniversary of the 'Just Do It' campaign.


Colin Kaepernick signed by Nike for a series of ads for the 30th anniversary of 'Just Do It.'

The Racists' Response: Burn The Nike Apparel They Once Owned


Knucklehead are really burning their Nike shoes to protest. Credit: YouTube The Ring of Fire's segment, "Conservatives FREAK OUT, Burn Nike Gear Over New Colin Kaepernick Ad"

I just need to leave this right here because there's no need to put a spotlight on how incredibly intelligent the person who once owned this pair of Nike sneakers looks. Wait, you mean there are other "intelligent" former Nike sneaker owners out there burning their shoes?

Moving right along...

Nike: Coming to a Facebook Newsfeed Near You

I didn't go looking for it. It just dominated my Facebook newsfeed this morning. I decided to add my thumbs up to a discussion on my friend Wendy's wall. I went on a defriending spree after Hurricane Maria because I didn't want to hear one more person tell me Puerto Ricans are sponges off the United States and that they didn't deserve any relief aid, so I'd forgotten what these fuckers looked like.


Racists run the gamut. There's the "I don't support the way dem Black folks protest racism" and the well-intentioned kind: "I recognize your right to feel angry, but if you have a chip on your shoulder, I don't want to hear it" to the scary as shit Neo Nazi type.

One of them was on Wendy's thread, so I decided to have some fun.



And the usual response from them. Dayam, they're so predictable.

So, You're Saying If Kaepernick Were at The Top of His Game, You Would Support Him?

Why do these fuckers keep talking about Colin Kaepernick's record in football, as if to suggest it has any bearing on his right to protest police brutality? Apple, meet Orange.

Her comments got me wondering something though. If Kaepernick had been Muhammad Ali, would she have supported his protest against the Vietnam War? He was The Greatest, after all.

Yeah, that was rhetorical.

Anyway, Nike, you keep doing that shit. I may have to show you mad love by squeezing my Freddy Flintstone feet into your sneakers.