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Why Leaflit Wants to Change How You Grow Cannabis At Home

Marist College Institute for Public Opinion conducted a poll about Weed and the American Family revealing some interesting statistics. Of the 35 percent of Americans who regularly consume cannabis, 65 percent are parents with an annual household income of $75,000 or higher, 84 percent work full time, and 46 percent are 26 and older. The persona…
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Overview of the Civil Rights Movement

There is a history of racial inequality in America and out of this the hunger for African Americans to be able to equally express their citizenship rights took a nationally tangible shape. Sixty years before Black Lives Matter, there was the civil rights movement. For people just coming of age, it might seem from current…
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Hemp Hemp Hooray: Legalization Of Super Plant To Revitalize Puerto Rican Agriculture

Ever since the last sugar cane processing plant closed in 2000, Puerto Rico's agricultural industry has struggled mightily. Legalized hemp may change that. Puerto Rico might have one of the most underdeveloped agricultural sectors on the planet. According to statistics provided by the US Department of Agriculture, Puerto Rico farming income has decreased by two-thirds…
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