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6 Common Misconceptions About Adult Children of Alcoholics

This article was originally published on The Fix. No one doubts that the legacy of alcoholism is toxic. But do we really know as much about the effects alcoholics have on innocent bystanders as we think we do? Like an ill wind sweeping across time, alcoholism inflicts multi-generational damage. It is the gift that keeps…
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My Failure at Getting My Mother and Brothers to Quit Drinking

This was originally published on March 6, 2017 on Addiction.com and it is republished with permission. When I was 5 and in the second grade, rather abruptly my mother quit her editing job at The New Yorker so she could stay home and raise my two brothers and me. My father’s career in television was…
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How I Became Empowered the Night I Became a Statistic

He wasn’t lurking in a dark alley, wearing a trench coat and waiting for this once unsuspecting and naïve little girl to walk past so he could grab me. He also never slipped anything into my drink or used my inebriated state as a reason to take me to the same dark alley I had done such a good job to avoid as a child.

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