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The Subtle and Not So Subtle Ways Some Men Try to Exert Sexual Power Over Women

This was published on Guerrilla Feminism and is being republished with permission. “Love the new profile pic, except I love when your hair is long. Gives me something to pull on when I think about you.” Had this declaration come from my husband, I’d have to interrupt this blog for a little while and um,...
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Cervical Cancer: What Is It, How Do You Get It and What to Do If You Have It?

This originally appeared on Guerrilla Feminism's site and is being republished with permission. Breast cancer gets a lot of attention, doesn’t it? With the concerning one in eight women who will be diagnosed with it—both normal folk and celebrities alike—friends and family soliciting donations, pink this and pink that, it is no wonder that...
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How I Became Empowered the Night I Became a Statistic

He wasn’t lurking in a dark alley, wearing a trench coat and waiting for this once unsuspecting and naïve little girl to walk past so he could grab me. He also never slipped anything into my drink or used my inebriated state as a reason to take me to the same dark alley I had done such a good job to avoid as a child.

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