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An Economy in Ruins? No, an Economy that was Ruined, and Purposely

An edited version of this Op-Ed was published on Truth-Out.org. Unfortunately they edited out many of the most important parts that spoke about the systematic exploitation of Puerto Rico by the United States over the last 100+ years. Through no fault of their own, the Puerto Rican people have suffered through decades of heartache, disappointment, and having…
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Addressing the Fallacy and Danger of So-called Black Privilege

Tell that to the swaths of families who, like Ms. Davis, are raising their kids to be hard working, generous Americans; whose kids are humble, respectful and see themselves as part of the community in which they live, but not necessarily the one they chose to live in. Tell that to the swaths of families whose kids will be judged solely by the color of their skin.

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Citizen’s Arrest: Legitimate and Necessary or Concerned Meddling?

I originally wrote this article about citizen's arrest for Red Door Magazine, a gay magazine back in July 2010. I have thought about this article a total of twice since I sent it to the editor: Once right after Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by wannabe cop George Zimmerman and after the verdict was…
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