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Overview of the Civil Rights Movement

There is a history of racial inequality in America and out of this the hunger for African Americans to be able to equally express their citizenship rights took a nationally tangible shape. Sixty years before Black Lives Matter, there was the civil rights movement. For people just coming of age, it might seem from current…
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Pondering My Racial Identity Post-Hurricane Maria

I have been writing from the Biracial and Multiracial perspective since I co-authored the book, Being Biracial: Where Our Secret Worlds Collide in 2015. Being Biracial is an anthology of essays from either Multiracial people or parents of mixed race kids. My parents raised my brothers and me to self-identify as Black, and yes, I…
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Procter and Gamble Commercial: Let’s Talk About the Talk

If you haven’t heard about the Procter and Gamble commercial, The Talk, let me please be the one to introduce it to you. It’s raw, it’s historical and it’s spot on! Anyone claiming it’s race baiting, racist or that they’re going to boycott Procter and Gable because of it, I say this: ask yourself why…
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