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The Older, More Mature Cannabis Consumer

The "average" cannabis consumer is often characterized as someone younger than 30, but new research shows that might not be the case. There are many misconceptions about the average cannabis consumer. We are frequently characterized as being of a lower socioeconomic and education level, under 30 years old, and that we smoke just to get…
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How Pot Shops Are Doing After Hurricane Maria

With crops destroyed and dispensaries badly damaged, there's been uncertainty about whether Puerto Rico’s cannabis industry can survive such a devastating blow. As a parting gift to the U.S. territory island of Puerto Rico, with seven months left in his term, in May 2015, governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla signed an executive order to legalize marijuana…
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The Truth About Veterans and Medical Marijuana

This was published in Big Buds Magazine. Every year on November 11, in celebrations both large and small, the nation comes together to thank veterans of all wars the United States has participated in. Veterans Day is one of the few instances where we can put our politics and ideology aside to acknowledge the sacrifices these…
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