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¿El Cenabais Puede Curar la Glioblastoma y Otros Tipos de Cancer?

Se trata de una mujer joven que venció al glioblastoma, a pesar de las probabilidades. ¿Cómo lo hizo? Pocos diagnósticos dan más miedo que el cáncer. Más escalofriante es informarse que se ha metastatizado a otras partes del cuerpo — ya sea a través de el sistema linfático o por el torrente sanguíneo — a…
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The Truth About INSYS Therapeutics And Big Pharma’s Battle To Take Down Legal Cannabis

The 2016 US presidential election cycle was a productive one for pro-cannabis activists. Voters in California, Massachusetts, Nevada and Maine approved referendums that legalized recreational cannabis. In Arizona, however, a similar referendum (Proposition 205) was defeated, seemingly in defiance of pre-election polls that indicated it would pass. Political analysts credited a strong last-minute push by…
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The Truth About Veterans and Medical Marijuana

This was published in Big Buds Magazine. Every year on November 11, in celebrations both large and small, the nation comes together to thank veterans of all wars the United States has participated in. Veterans Day is one of the few instances where we can put our politics and ideology aside to acknowledge the sacrifices these…
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