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Synthetic CBD Can Be Dangerous—How to Tell if You’re Buying the Real Thing

With the explosion of products containing hemp-derived CBD in the last few years, many less-than-honest players found ways to flood the market with “CBD oil” that is synthetic CBD and the modern-day equivalent of snake oil—not necessarily dangerous but definitely ineffective. In some cases, a bottle labeled as CBD oil is just a few crushed…
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The Truth About INSYS Therapeutics And Big Pharma’s Battle To Take Down Legal Cannabis

The 2016 US presidential election cycle was a productive one for pro-cannabis activists. Voters in California, Massachusetts, Nevada and Maine approved referendums that legalized recreational cannabis. In Arizona, however, a similar referendum (Proposition 205) was defeated, seemingly in defiance of pre-election polls that indicated it would pass. Political analysts credited a strong last-minute push by…
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