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And the Darwin Award Goes to: Caitlyn Jenner

Neither profound nor eloquent, this is a stream of consciousness about Caitlyn Jenner and her misguided faith in Donald Trump and her insulting and flippant manner in which she expresses it. Donald Trump ran his campaign on hate ... and he won: not only the office of the president of the United States but also…
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Caitlyn Jenner and What She’s Learned After Six Months of Being a Woman

I don't have a television (by choice, trust me) and so evidently I missed the 25th annual Glamour Magazine's Women of the Year awards. I learned about it from a Facebook friend's post this morning. Honored were: Serena Williams Billie Jean King Reese Witherspoon Misty Copeland Victoria Beckham Caitlyn Jenner Elizabeth Holmes The five women…
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